EGPA 2021 Conference – REGISTRATION

Registration fees

Physical participation (EGPA Members) *
Check your 2021 Membership invoice number prior registering **
500,00 €
Physical participation (EGPA Non-Members) * 600,00 €
Physical participation (EGPA Steering Committee Members & EGPA Co-Chairs/Panel Chairs) * 300,00 €
Physical participation PhD Symposium (with an accepted paper for the Symposium) & Conference * (Proof of enrolment at your university requested) 250,00 €
Physical participation Master & PhD Students Conference only * (Proof of enrolment at your university requested) 200,00 €
Physical/virtual participation PhD Symposium only (with an accepted paper for the Symposium) (Proof of enrolment at your university requested) 150,00 €
Virtual Conference Participation – for all 200,00 €
VAT included (21 %)

* Includes: the access to the conference venue, the distribution of material, the access to the scientific programme, coffee-breaks & lunches, to social programme. Information details (price/setting) about the Conference dinner (depending on the sanitary situation) will be provided to the registered participants in due time prior to the Conference.

** Please check your institutional or individual membership prior starting your registration. You have to insert the 2021 membership invoice number (M- 3 numbers to access to the form) If you don't know about it, please mail us at: ;

In case of cancellation of the physical conference due to unforeseen circumstances (COVID-19 pandemic restrictions - sanitary conditions), please note that your virtual participation will be guaranteed. A voucher (for the fee difference) will be issued for the 2022 Conference.

En cas d'annulation de la conférence en présentiel en raison de circonstances imprévues (Restrictions dues à la pandémie COVID-19 - conditions sanitaires), votre participation virtuelle sera garantie. Veuillez noter qu'un bon à valoir (pour la différence de droits d'inscription) sera émis pour la Conférence 2022.

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