About the EGPA Annual Conference

  • The EGPA 2021 Conference will be organized by the European Group for Public Administration by EGPA/IIAS Secretariat in close cooperation with key partners. The EGPA 2021 Conference will take place in Brussels (Belgium) from 7 to 10 September 2021
  • The EGPA Conference is the annual meeting of a community of Public Administration academics, young researchers and practitioners in Europe and key EGPA/IIAS partners. The Conference is organized around several activities: plenary sessions, seminars (PhD symposium, French-speaking and thematic ones), permanent study groups ‘sessions (23 Study Groups) and side-meetings (EAPAA meetings for accreditation, EGPA Steering Committee Meeting, Meeting of the Permanent Study Groups co-chairs and collaborative projects’ meetings).
  • We are pleased to announce that new panels will be organised by the EGPA members and key EGPA/IIAS partners. In the EGPA 2021 Conference Programme, we will have several slots of 90 minutes to welcome these panels.